Crews tackle sunbed blaze at Wisbech tanning salon, which was caused by electrical fault

Hose reel in fire engine locker

Hose reel in fire engine locker - Credit: Cambs Fire & Rescue Service

An electrical fault caused a sunbed to catch fire at a tanning salon in Wisbech.

Firefighters were called to the shop, in Norfolk Street, shortly after 11.30am on Wednesday.

Wearing breathing apparatus, firefighters extinguished the blaze and ventilated the property. The shop was evacuated before the crew arrived.

Watch commander John Chelton said: “The shop was smoke logged when we arrived.

“A member of staff had begun to tackle the fire using a dry powder extinguisher beforehand. We ventilated the property and ensured the fire was completely extinguished.

“We would encourage staff working in any business to evacuate the premises immediately after discovering a fire, closing doors along the way, and to dial 999.

“Never put your life at risk to attempt to extinguish a fire.”

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Firefighters left the scene shortly after 12.30pm.