Cricket commentator Charles Colvile marks his ancestors’ ancient link to the Fens

CRICKET commentator Charles Colvile stood metres above his ancestors’ crypt on Sunday as he marked his family’s ancient link to the Fens.

The Sky Sports presenter took part in a special service at St James’ Church, in Newton, where he unveiled a ‘Colvile Memorial Book’.

The Colviles link to Newton dates back to 1250 and spans more than 500 years. Many of Charles’ ancestors were baptised, married and buried at St James’ - and their family crypt is located underneath the church floor.

Charles said: “The Colviles came over with William the Conqueror in 1066. They had a bit of a result and got some land and they moved to Newton around 1250.

“From 1250 until 1792 the Colviles lived in Newton and were buried in the church.”

Sir Roger de Colvile came into possession of the “Manor of Newton-in-the-Isle” in the 13th century as part of the dowry settlement of his wife, Desiderata de Marisco. It became the family home for the next 500 years.

During that time, the family helped to develop St James’ and Sir John Colvile funded the construction of the North Aisle.

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In 2003, the Colviles rekindled their links with the church and in 2010 they contributed to the restoration fund set up to help with repairs.

Charles said: “We have always appreciated our history at Newton. It’s still very much in the family and my brother’s middle name is Newton.

“There used to be a pub in the village called the White Lion, which was named after the Colvile coat of arms.

“We have always kept in touch and the idea of the memorial book is to keep that connection going and actually raise some funds for the church.”

Sunday’s dedication service with Rev Sandra Gardner was followed by a meal, which was attended by villagers and several members of the Colvile family.

Charles added: “The village isn’t exactly on the way to test match cricket grounds but I try to get over and visit whenever I can.”

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