'Supercarn't park there' Audi R8 worth £100k crashes in Peterborough

Crashed black Audi R8 with one headlight crushed.

An Audi R8 crashed into a parked car in Peterborough early this morning, March 6. - Credit: BCH Road Policing Unit

An Audi R8 worth approximately £100,000 crashed into a parked car in Peterborough, during the early hours of this morning.

The convertible black supercar ran into the back of a silver car parked on the road, next to a row of terraced houses. This caused the innocent vehicle to crash into the car parked in front of it, climbing its bonnet during the incident. 

Beds, Cambs and Herts (BCH) Road Policing Unit confirmed that no injuries had occurred during the collision, other than 'a bruised ego'. 

In images provided by the unit, many locals can be seen stood outside the row of houses, no doubt checking what had happened on their street.

A statement from BCH Road Policing Unit on Twitter read: "How not to park an Audi R8 was demonstrated yesterday in Peterborough. No injuries, other than a bruised ego."