Quad bike seized as teens ignored 'stern' police warning

Police were conducting patrols in and around Doddington and Wimblington when they seized this uninsured, untaxed quad bike.

Officers from Cambridgeshire Constabulary's Neighbourhood Policing Team were conducting patrols in and around Doddington and Wimblington following reports of anti-social behaviour when they seized this uninsured, untaxed quad bike from a group of teenagers. - Credit: POLICE

An untaxed, uninsured quad bike was seized from a group of teenagers in Wimblington who were spotted riding it despite police "sternly" warning them not to.

Whilst on patrol in Doddington, officers from the village's neighbourhood policing team saw the group of youths pushing a small quad bike through the village. 

The group were spoken to and advised on where and when they can use the quad and told sternly not to switch it on or ride it on the roads or out in public. 

They were told to continue to push it home, which they promised officers they would do. 

However, a little while later, police spotted them riding it along Blue Lane in Wimblington.

The quad bike was then seized under Section 165 of the Road Traffic Act and the group were educated around the dangers of riding an untaxed, uninsured vehicle". 

To report concerns about anti-social behaviour, visit https://bit.ly/3eqtS5U.