County cops issue more than 60 Covid fines since beginning of 2021

Police across Cambridgeshire have issued more than 60 Covid fines since the start of 2021. 

Police across Cambridgeshire have issued more than 60 Covid fines since the start of 2021. - Credit: Facebook/Cambridgeshire Constabulary 

Police across the county have issued more than 60 Covid fines since the beginning of 2021 – with offences including mass gatherings and businesses failing to follow the rules.  

Cambridgeshire Constabulary received 152 calls this weekend alone with residents reporting people and businesses flouting Coronavirus guidelines.  

“Many of these reports were about large groups gathering in public places as well as inside people’s homes,” said a police spokesperson.  

“Our officers spent time dealing with these calls all while managing serious crimes including violent assaults, collisions, domestic abuse and more. 

“As ever, thank you to those who are sticking to the rules and if you’re one of those who are still breaching the regulations, please re-think and work with us to help protect our fantastic communities from this virus. 

“The force has issued 62 fixed penalty notices so far this year.” 

People aged 18 or over can be fined £200 for the first offence, which would be lowered to £100 if paid within 14 days, £400 for the second offence, then doubling for each further offence up to a maximum of £6,400. 

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As well as the mass gatherings and businesses not following the rules, police say they’ve been called to incidents of people refusing to wear face coverings.  

The spokesperson added: “There have also been incidents of people refusing to wear face masks in shops and being abusive towards staff. 

“All with positive cases dramatically increasing and our incredible NHS struggling to cope. 

“In addition to having to deal with these completely avoidable Covid breaches, we’ve also attended violent incidents, searched for missing people and helped the vulnerable in urgent need - to mention just a few.  

“This pandemic is real and it is serious; please just stick to the rules. Paying rule-breakers a visit could cause delay in us reaching people who really need our help. 

“Thank you once again to all the wonderful people in our communities who are keeping to the rules and our appreciation to the army of other key workers out there doing an amazing job.” 

One resident said: “I really don't understand why people have to break the rules. 

“We all want to get back to some sort of normality, but thank you to our wonderful police for having to deal with all this and keeping us safe.”  

Another added: “I’m following the rules, but my neighbours have not followed any of the rules since this started last year.  

“He was having a bathroom fitted when I came back from work. No masks no social distancing. He’s always got visitors.”  

To report a breach of restrictions, visit: