Cannabis growers jumped from windows to avoid arrest

A collection of cannabis plants on a white background.

96 cannabis plants were discovered inside the building. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Two cannabis growers put their bodies on the line and leapt out of first-floor windows in a bid to avoid the police.

Both individuals were caught, one having broken his ankle and the other having assaulted a police officer, during the escape attempt.

Cambridgeshire Police's neighbourhood support team (NST) visited the property on Vale Drive in Hampton Vale, Peterborough, on December 1, 2021.

Artan Batusha

Artan Batusha broke his ankle after jumping out of the window. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Upon the NST entering the premises, Artan Batusha, 24, and Jetmir Cubi, 27, jumped from the windows in a bid to evade arrest.

Batusha broke his ankle in the fall and was arrested hastily by officers.

Cubi landed safely but began hitting an officer on the head and torso in an attempt to free Batusha.

Jetmir Cubi

Jetmir Cubi began hitting an officer in an attempt to free his accomplice. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

He later started to run but was caught and arrested in Tinus Avenue nearby.

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Following the arrests, 96 cannabis plants and five kilograms of dried cannabis - worth around £168,000 - were discovered on the premises.

A further £3,000 in cash and three mobile phones were also found by officers.

Rows of cannabis plants on a white background.

£168,000 worth of cannabis was discovered by officers. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Both men pleaded guilty to producing cannabis and acquiring criminal property (cash in this case), with one accepting the additional charge of assaulting an emergency worker by beating.

Each individual was sentenced to two years and one month in prison, after appearing at Huntingdon Law Court on Friday (April 8).

Detective constable Fran Scott said: "Thankfully the officer was not seriously hurt, however he is still suffering from the injuries caused by Cubi that day, something a police officer should never have to experience for simply doing their job.

A pile of bags containing dried cannabis.

Five kilograms of dried cannabis was found at the property. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

“This is another example of how drugs bring violence and grief to our communities which is why we are working so hard to disrupt those who are dealing and producing drugs in our county.”