'Big red key' used by cops in dawn raid on suspected drug dealers

'You're nicked' - police posted this photo of the steel enforcer (they called it their 'big red key') to smash their way...

'You're nicked' - police posted this photo of the steel enforcer (they called it their 'big red key') to smash their way into a house in March town centre. They successfully recovered a sizeable quantity of drugs. - Credit: Policing Fenland

Police used a 30lb ‘doorbell’ to wake up tenants in March today – and didn’t wait for an answer before battering their way in.  

The dawn raid on a house in the town centre was deemed a success after the startled occupants were cautioned and arrested when drugs were found.  

Officers from the March Neighbourhood Policing Team carried out the raid with a warrant issued under section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act. 

A police post on social media described entry as being gained with their well-used ‘big red key’ which is actually a battering ram used by many other emergency services, including firefighters to gain entry to enclosed spaces.  

The ‘big red key’ is more correctly known as an enforcer but informally called by forces ‘The Sam’ ‘Donker’ or ‘Bosher’ 

“The occupants clearly weren't expecting visitors from our team so early on a Saturday morning,” said a police spokesperson on Policing Fenland Facebook page. 

“A sizeable quantity of illegal drugs was seized from the property. Our investigation into this now continues.” 

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The spokesperson added: “Should you have any concerns about activity in your community we want to hear about it either via 101 or our online reporting service.” 

 After posting a report of the raid under the heading ‘someone’s knocking at the door’ police used a series of hashtags to list badge numbers of those police officers involved in the raid.  

They also added some improvised hashtags not in the book! 

#FenlandNPT #Sgt1867 #PC2903 #PC1299 #PC0233 #PC0312 #PC0410 #bigredkey #safercommunities #wakeywakey #benaughtygetcaughty 

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