2am 999 call finds mother drunk - baby son alone

2am 999 call found mother drunk and two-year-old boy alone

2am 999 call found mother drunk and two-year-old boy alone - Credit: Cambs Police-STOCK

A mother couldn’t explain how her two-year-old had received a broken rib, a court heard. 

The injury, which had begun to heal, was discovered after police broke into her home at 2am after a 999 call from neighbours.  

They found the young boy unattended; his mother was drunk and couldn’t be woken. 

The catalogue of neglect unfolded during court hearings which culminated in the mother being jailed.  

At Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on August 13, she pleaded guilty to assaulting, neglecting or abandoning a child or young person to cause unnecessary suffering or injury. 

She was sentenced at the same court on November 2 to one year and eight months in prison. 

Paramedics attended the house in Peterborough on June 28, 2019, where they found various worrying injuries on the little boy, which prompted them to call police. 

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Police visited the house and the boy’s mother, a 25-year-old woman from Peterborough who can’t be named for legal reasons, was eventually roused from her bed. 

The woman was initially unresponsive and attending officers noted the messy living conditions, including cat faeces on a bathroom floor.  

She was arrested on suspicion of child neglect. 

Her son was taken to hospital where a doctor examined him and noticed a number of red blotchy bumps on his chest, stomach and arms, together with scratch marks on his back.  

An X-ray also revealed the boy had a fractured rib which had started to heal. 

In police interview the mother blamed the boy’s injuries on her neighbour, claiming she had been too rough while playing with him and tickling him. 

She admitted she should not have drunk to the extent she did and exposed her son to harm.  

The woman couldn’t explain her young son’s broken rib and said he had not shown any signs of being in pain previously. 

DC Tracey Beeson, who investigated, said: “This was a shocking and upsetting case in which the people this little boy relied upon to keep him safe failed to do so. 

“Thankfully the child is now in a safe and happy environment. Anyone who is concerned for the welfare of a child is strongly urged to report it. We all have a responsibility to protect children in our communities.” 

Anyone who has concerns about a child, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, can report this by using the force’s web chat function: click here

For more information on child protection, visit the force’s dedicated web page: click here