'Fraud team' caller tells woman to transfer £20,000

Police have issued advice after a woman was told she needed to transfer £20,000 to a new bank.

Police have issued advice after a woman was told she needed to transfer £20,000 to a new bank. - Credit: ARCHANT

Police are advising people to be vigilant after a fraud caller asked a woman to transfer £20,000 to a new bank.

Officers said that, last week, they were called by a member of bank staff in Wisbech after a woman in her 60s visited the branch and told them she had received a call from their ‘fraud team'.

She claimed a man on the phone had asked her to transfer £20,000 to a new bank account, claiming there had been some ‘unusual activity’ on her own account.

The woman initially believed the call was real as the man knew her bank details and daughter’s name.

However, sensing something wasn’t quite right, she wanted to share her concerns and bank staff knew the call was suspicious.

In this case, no money was transferred and the incident has been reported to Action Fraud.

Remember, If you’re ever unsure about a letter, phone call, text message or email claiming to be your bank, you can take it to your local branch to be verified.