Man escapes ‘shocking case’ of modern slavery at hand car wash

Cars being washed at a car wash

A man has escaped a “shocking case” of modern-day slavery at a hand car wash in Cambridgeshire. - Credit: PA/File/For Illustrative Purposes  

A man has escaped being locked inside “poor accommodation” overnight while working at a Cambridgeshire hand car wash for no wages in a “shocking case” of modern slavery.  

The victim was reportedly provided with a small amount of food each day but received no money for working at one of the county’s car washes.  

Cambridgeshire Constabulary say they are currently investigating the case and urge anyone who spots a sign of modern slavery to report it immediately.  

A spokesperson said: “We’ve recently been made aware of a shocking case where a man was forced to work in a hand car wash with no pay for a prolonged period of time.  

“Thankfully he eventually managed to escape and is now being supported by a charity and we are investigating the circumstances of what happened. 

“The vast majority of hand car washes are reputable businesses, but unfortunately some use slavery to maximise profits.  

“If you use hand car washes, please know the signs of modern slavery and report any concerns. Even if you’re unsure, please let us know if something doesn’t feel right. 

“You can find more information on the signs of slavery, or make a report, on our website:”