Police praise ‘great courage’ of victim of violent attacker

Daniel Joslin threatened victim to “beat her up and hurt her family” if she told anyone

Daniel Joslin threatened victim to “beat her up and hurt her family” if she told anyone. He has been jailed. - Credit: Cambs Police

Control freak Daniel Joslin was jailed for attacks on two women – one at a hotel and the other at her home in March. 

A court heard his first victim feared for her life while being assaulted and abused at a hotel by Joslin, who she had agreed to marry just three weeks earlier. 

And the court also heard of a victim from March. 

He headbutted her on multiple occasions, violently twisting her neck. He also smashed her iPhone and verbally abused her. 

DC Jodie Bolton said: “The young victim in the first incident came forward to us and followed the investigation and legal process through.  

“It takes great courage and strength to do this.” 

She said: “No-one should ever be subjected to the abuse these women faced. 

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“It must have been terrifying for them. They were in fear for their lives.” 

Joslin, 38, had been drinking on September 19 last year when he confronted his fiancée at a hotel in Fenstanton. 

He had looked at photos on her mobile phone without her permission earlier that day and wrongly believed she had been unfaithful. 

The court heard Joslin pinned her down on the bed, grabbed her by the throat and shouted in her face. 

As she tried to leave, Joslin pushed her into the door, grabbed hold of her and pushed her to the ground. 

The abuse continued as she got into a car with Joslin to go home and he threatened to smash her phone against a wall before looking through her contacts. 

The woman screamed and asked to call her mum, but Joslin threatened to “beat her up and hurt her family” if she told anyone. 

Undeterred, the victim spoke to her mother, police were called, and Joslin was arrested on September 25. 

In August this year, Joslin admitted four counts of assault by beating and engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour. 

In October he assaulted his second victim at a house in March. 

In court he admitted assault causing actual bodily harm and criminal damage relating to this second incident. 

On December 20 at Cambridge Crown Court, Joslin, of no known address, was jailed for 26 months. 

DC Bolton urged anyone who needs help and advice on domestic abuse, to call the Domestic Abuse Helpline on: 0808 2000 247.