Cyclists in Wisbech are a menace for us joggers

MYSELF and my partner have recently taken up jogging. I don’t think we yet go fast enough to call it running, but we have found to our peril that a lot of the cyclists around Wisbech are a menace.

We go out three to four times a week covering a distance at the moment totalling around 20 miles over the week.

A few days ago we were coming up to Wisbech Park and out from a gateway came a cyclist at a hefty pace with a large young man on it who didn’t have any intention of looking for people walking. Fortunately no-one was hurt.

On another occasion we were jogging towards the A47 past Pets at Home when a cyclist was coming towards us.

My partner and I got into single file but the cyclist was using the whole of the path eventually causing us to deviate onto the road.

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As we were forced off the pavement a police car that was patrolling with an officer looking cool in his sunglasses cruised past and completely ignored the situation.

I for one am fed up of the footpath being made a dangerous place by irrisponsible cyclists and would like to see police issuing fines.

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