Disqualified driver who ran red lights, drove on the wrong side of the road and forced cars off the carriageway, is jailed

Disqualified driver Dean O'Dare is jailed for police chase in Peterborough

Disqualified driver Dean O'Dare is jailed for police chase in Peterborough - Credit: Archant

A disqualified driver, who led police on a pursuit at speeds of up to 70mph in 30mph zones and on the wrong side of the road, has been jailed.

Dean O’Dare forced other drivers out of his path during the pursuit in November.

The 44-year-old was driving his VW Golf late at night on London Road, Peterborough, when he caught the attention of two officers in a marked police car.

When officers turned round to follow O’Dare he accelerated away and a pursuit began which lasted about 15 minutes, Peterborough Crown Court heard.

PC Daz Wiltcher said: “O’Dare’s driving during the pursuit was reckless and he had absolutely no consideration for other road users as he drove dangerously.

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“Thankfully, nobody was hurt but the situation could have been so much worse.

“We take driving offences very seriously and reckless behaviour will not be tolerated.”

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Officers witnessed O’Dare, of Bath Road, in Eye, driving through numerous red lights, on the wrong side of ‘keep left’ arrows and on the wrong side of the carriageway at speeds of up to 70mph.

Still driving on the wrong side of the road, O’Dare was also seen to take a right-hand blind bend and also the blind crest of a bridge.

As well as this, he overtook vehicles on the wrong side of the road and forced other drivers off single carriageway roads to get past.

short while later O’Dare brought his car to a sudden stop, hitting a lamppost.

Three people ran from the vehicle, including O’Dare, who fled the VW Golf from the driver’s seat.

One of the officers chased O’Dare on foot and arrested him shortly after.

In police interview, O’Dare told officers he made off from police because he was scared of being caught driving whilst disqualified.

He said he knew he was driving at speeds of up to 70mph in a 30mph zone. He admitted that it was lucky no-one was injured or killed, and was emotional and remorseful.

O’Dare stated he put other people’s lives at risk and admitted he had been disqualified from driving several times previously, but had still got behind the wheel on numerous occasions.

At Peterborough Crown Court, O’Dare previously pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving without insurance and driving whilst disqualified.

On Thursday (January 3) at the same court, he was handed 10 months in prison and disqualified from driving for three years and five months.

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