Defibrillator donated to Sir Harry Smith Community College

Life saving equipment donated to Sir Harry Smith Community College

Life saving equipment donated to Sir Harry Smith Community College - Credit: Archant

A defibrillator has been donated to Sir Harry Smith Community College in Whittlesey.

The Whittlesey First Responder Group donated the equipment as part of an initiative to have lifesaving equipment throughout the town.

The apparatus will support staff, students, and visitors to the school, enhancing the survival chances of anyone who suffers a cardiac arrest.

Adrian Slack, a Whittlesey First Responder, has trained a team of College staff as part of the donation package.

He said: “More and more large premises are realising the benefits of having AED’s on site. After a responders group meeting some eight months ago, we all agreed that the kind donations raised from local people within the town should go back to the local people, and we have agreed to try and place other AED’s in strategic locations enabling them to be used by the public to enhance the recovery of anyone who may have suffered a cardiac arrest”.

Jonathan Digby, Principal at the College said, “We are delighted to support this initiative to help save lives in the Whittlesey area. We pride ourselves on being a community school and this shows how well the partnership with our community really works.”

Craig Gardner, co-ordinator for the town’s responder group said: “The staff that Ady has trained will have all the skills required to use the AED and give anyone who suffers a cardiac arrest every chance of survival.

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“We all hope it’s never needed but if it is, the time saved by not having to wait for an ambulance will make all the difference between life and death as every second counts when in that situation”.

Anyone interested in becoming a NHS Voluntary First Responder can contact Craig on 0787532179

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