Delighted that 650 people have signed petition calling for Wisbech rail link to re-open

THREE weeks ago we launched a website called Reconnecting Wisbech to the national rail network.

Railfuture, the national rail campaign organisation, has launched a petition calling for Cambridgeshire residents (and others who wish to travel to Wisbech by train) to back the move to re-open the railway line.

Since this petition was launched, Cambridgeshire County Council has published stage one of the Wisbech to March Rail Study, which shows that reopening the line is viable but there is a lot to do before the first train arrives.

The petition and a link to the council report can be found at

We are delighted to report that to date 650 residents have signed the online petition. We shall shortly leaflet Wisbech and expect this figure to rapidly grow.

When the petition closes in a few weeks, it will be presented to the county council as encouragement for it to persevere in its work to reconnect the 60,000 residents of Wisbech and the surrounding area to the national railway network.

There are many in Cambridge and Ely who would often wish to make the reverse journey to Wisbech, including tourists, college and school students.

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For those who wish to collect signatures on paper, a form can downloaded from the website along with a poster supporting the campaign.


East Anglia Branch Chairman


Via e-mail