Delighted to read that the Crown Post Office in Wisbech will move to Etcetera

I was pleased to read that the main Post Office services in Wisbech have been saved by moving into Etcetera.

It would have been a tragedy if Post Office services in that part of town were lost.

Large Post Offices are, for the most part, dinosaurs from a past era.

A few years ago I would queue up to buy my car tax disc, fishing licence, TV Licence, passport application form etc.

Now I, like many others, do these by going online or by direct debit. Family Allowance and pensions are paid direct into the bank.

I accept that people, myself occasionally, do still have to use a Post Office physically and that is where the Etcetera plan will fulfil that need, just as any other sub-post office does.

I have no particular reason to support Etcetera, other than to keep a Post Office presence in that part of town.

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