Deputy March Mayor and former Wisbech Mayor lose their town council seats

THE man who was set to become the Mayor of March on Monday has lost his seat in the town council elections.

Andrew Donnelly, deputy Mayor of March for the last 12 months, was defeated in the March West election. His 852 votes were not enough to secure re-election.

Rob Skoulding - who earlier followed in his late father Peter’s footsteps and secured election to Fenland District Council in March West - polled 1,229 votes in the town council election for the same ward.

The other three candidates who won seats were Kit Owen (1,133 votes), Steve Count (1,058) and Jan French (1,053). Cllr Owen and Cllr French were also elected to Fenland District Council in March West.

After the results were announced, Cllr French said of Mr Donnelly’s defeat: “I would like to give my commiserations to Andrew Donnelly our deputy mayor who was due to become mayor this year. It is a sad loss.”

Another high-profile casualty of the town council elections is Yvonne Lawrence, the Mayor of Wisbech in 2009-10.

She lost her seat in Kirkgate Ward to Robert McLaren - Cllr McLaren polled 269 votes compared to Mrs Lawrence’s 228.

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Fenland councillor Dave Patrick took the second Kirkgate ward seat with 323 votes.

Counting in the town and parish council elections has now been suspended to count the results in the Alternative Vote referendum. The count will restart on Monday.


March Town Council

March East

(Four seats)

Martin Field (Lab) 818

Bernard Keane (Con) 1,124

Reg Kemp (Ind) 686

Gavin Philpott (Con) 1,020

Andrew Pugh (Con) 926

Mark Purser (Con) 885

Louis Sugden (Lab) 729

Robert Williams (Lab) 683

March West

(Four seats)

Steve Count (Con) 1,058

Stephen Court (Lib Dem) 625

Andrew Donnelly (Con) 852

Jan French (Con) 1,053

Kit Owen (Con) 1,133

Rob Skoulding (Ind) 1,229

Wisbech Town Council


(Two seats)

Carol Cox (Con) 283

Viv MacRae (Con) 198

Ann Purt (Lab) 154


(Four seats)

Stephen Brunton (Con) 721

David Hodgson (Con) 735

Samantha Hoy (Con) 699

Dean Reeves (Lab) 417

Bruce Wegg (Con) 715


(Two seats)

Yvonne Lawrence (Con) 228

Robert McLaren (Lib Dem) 269

Dave Patrick (Lib Dem) 323

Philip Tolley (Con) 178

John White (Lab) 122


(Two seats)

Jonathan Farmer (Con) 344

Michael Hill (Con) 238

Mark Plumb (Lab) 195

Phil Webb (Ind) 113

The following results will be counted on Monday

Chatteris Town Council


(Three seats)

James Carney (Con)

Christine Colbert (Lib Dem)

Jan Feekins (Lib Dem)

Grant Osbourn (Lab)

Mark Petrou (Con)

Josie Ratcliffe (Lib Dem)

Slade Lode

(Three seats)

Richard Cross (Con)

Claire Freeman (Lib Dem)

Chris Howes (Lib Dem)

Peter Murphy (Con)

Vivien Powell (Lib Dem)

Ian Taylor (Con)

The Mills

(Three seats)

Diane Baldry (Lib Dem)

John Chambers (Con)

John Freeman (Lib Dem)

Rosemary Stimson (Con)

Whittlesey Town Council


(Two seats)

Dee Laws (Con)

David Lewis (Lab)

Kay Mayor (Con)


(Two seats)

Alan Bristow (Con)

Steve Garratt (Con)

Jes Hibbert (Lab)


Ralph Butcher (Con)

Alex Miscandlon (Con)

Bob Wicks (Ind)

St Mary’s

(Two seats)

Roy Gerstner (Ind)

Kenneth Peachey (Con)

Gary Swan (Con)

Wisbech Town Council


(Two seats)

Simon Massen (Lab)

Nick Meekins (Con)

David Oliver (Con)


(Two seats)

Roger Green (Con)

Reg Mee (Lab)

Patrick O’Dell (Con)


(Four seats)

Funmi Aiyeola (Con)

Keri Britton (Con)

Michael Bucknor (Ind)

Virginia Bucknor (Ind)

Paul Clapp (UKIP)

Colin Cunnington (Lab)

Barry Diggle (Lab)

Avis Gilliatt (Lab)

Ray Griffin (Con)

Alan Lay (UKIP)

Lewis Purt (Lab)

David Wheeler (Con)

Parish councils


(Seven seats)

Mark Chapman

Richard Emmitt

Reg Few

Lyn Keppel-Spoor

Tony Richardson

Kevin Sutton

Gillian Thomas

Patricia Tickner


(Nine seats)

Mark Archer

Mark Buckton

David Cole

Ann Desborough

Steve Emery

Pop Jolley

Jeff Lockett

Kenneth Risbridger

Matthew Sly

Ian Woodard


(Seven seats)

Rodney Clark

Douglas Fullbrook

John Hoyles

Neville Johnson

Stephanie Sands

Richard Scott

Martin Thulborn

Debra Wright

Mary Youngs

Parson Drove

(Seven seats)

Cyril Bellamy

Grace Bellamy

Gavin Booth

John Cook

Pat Everett

Peter Leach

Robert Scrimshaw

John Smallcombe

Peter Spriggs

Wisbech St Mary

(Eleven seats)

Charles Allen

Peter Barnes

Barry Britain

Mark Clarke

Peter Davies

John Fish

Tony Fowler

Colin Fryett

Terry Jennings

Brian Payne

Brenda Reay

Robert Scrimshaw

Diane Thrower

The following seats were uncontested:

Chatteris Town Council


(Three seats)

Linda Ashley (Con)

Florence Newell (Con)

Terence Shad (Con)

March Town Council

March North

(Four seats)

Mike Cornwell (Con)

Tamsin Nichols (Con)

Trevor Quince (Con)

Michael Shermer (Con)

Whittlesey Town Council


(Two seats)

Pauline Edge (Con)

Ken Mayor (Con)


(Two seats)

Martin Curtis (Con)

Rita Jolley (Con)

St. Andrew’s

(Two seats)

David Mason (Con)

Derek Stebbing (Con)

Parish councils


(Seven seats)

Jill Bliss

Simon Freeland

Wes poole

Nigel Russell

Jacky Wincote


(Nine seats)

Anne Chambers

Arthur Clapham

Christine Curtis

Patricia Jolley

John Welcher

Elm (Elm and Fridaybridge ward)

(Eight seats)

Mac Cotterell

Rosa Hopkin

Robert Pinnock

Owen Rogers

Phil Softley

Graham Stokes

Phil Webb

Elm (Coldham ward)

(Two seats)

John Brand

Gillian Johnson

Elm (Rings End ward)

(Two seats)

Marjorie Cotterell


(Seven seats)

Norman Carroll

Kitty Hall

Alan Holt

Marie Humphrey

Michael Humphrey

Jacqueline Hunns

George Ridley


(Nine seats)

Bryan Baker

Brian Beales

Jack Dalziel

Margaret Lenton

Alan Ransome

David Smart

Sylvia Tooke

Greta Williams

Tydd St Giles

(Seven seats)

Cyril Drewry

Ian Edgar

Belinda Francis

Marcus Johnson

Sheila Long

Rex Mallett

Michael Taylor


(Nine seats)

Gilda Bellard

Craig Brown

Pauline Crawford

Maureen Davis

Edward Gowler

Tony Knowles

Susie Spurr

Liz Wright

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