Despair as couple return from holiday to find beloved cats have escaped Fenland cattery

A COUPLE’S dream holiday to Florida turned to despair after they arrived home to find their two pet cats had gone AWOL from the cattery where they had been staying.

Now Dean Faulkner - the owner of Silver Birch Kennels and Cattery in Littleport - has offered �200 out of his own pocket for the safe return of both of Laura Porter and Daniel Bowman’s cats.

The heartbroken couple, who returned from a fortnight in America on July 1, are also putting up a reward of �300 for the safe return of their four-year-old cats, Badgie and Bella, who escaped from the cattery on June 22.

Mr Faulkner said: “Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to say that everyone at Silver Birch feels deeply upset by the disappearance of Badgie and Bella.

“We are a very small and personal cattery and always look after the cats as though they are part of our extended family.

“Unfortunately, the high winds we experienced towards the end of June compromised the security of one of the cat pens and the two cats saw an opportunity to escape.

“These events were unforeseen and we have now implemented additional security at the cattery, We would like to say to the owners and their parents that we are deeply upset and we sincerely hope that Badgie and Bella find their way home safely as soon as possible.

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“We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many loyal customers who have taken the time to write and telephone to offer their support at what has been a very difficult and upsetting time for us.

“Your support has been invaluable and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Mr Faulkner feared the cats had been stolen and called the police before alerting Miss Porter’s parents that the pair had escaped from the cattery.

While their daughter and her partner were still on holiday the couple searched far and wide across the district but couldn’t find the two cats - who still haven’t been found.

Miss Porter, who lives in Little Downham, said: “We had a dream holiday and then came home to a nightmare.

“Since their disappearance we think they may have travelled far from the cattery and could be anywhere around Fenland. We know it’s such a sparse area but we refuse to give up. We’ve been looking for them every day.

“We’ve had a tremendous amount of support and advice and remain positive that we will find our girls. I plead with people to check their garages and sheds because our cats could be anywhere and they’re very precious to us.

“We are devastated to think they are out there, lost, and perhaps alone. We desperately want them home.”

• If you have any information about the cats’ whereabouts please call 07500773425 or 07786986050.

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