Did we really need two polluting ice cream vans at St George’s fayre?

Letter to the editor PHOTO: Pexels

Letter to the editor PHOTO: Pexels - Credit: Archant

A big thumbs up must go to the organisers of the St Georges Day Fayre by organising a great event where our town gets given back to the community for the day by closing off the town to through traffic.

There were great entertainments, great stalls and something for everyone.

But was it really necessary to have two ice-cream vans sat there belching out diesel fumes while surrounded by families and young children?

Diesel fumes are poisonous, they are toxic, carcinogenic, contain particulates and cause breathing difficulty.

While this might have been acceptable in the past, as we strive for cleaner air with ministers now discussing diesel scrappage schemes and electric alternatives, surely we should be banning these type of vehicles from these type of local events?

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According to Friends of The Earth, in tests done earlier this year, the air quality recorded in March High Street exceeded EU legal limits for NO2 emissions, caused by diesel fumes.

But unfortunately air quality seems to be very low down on the local political and transport agenda. With the forthcoming elections, this is something people may wish to consider when casting their vote.

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