Dilapidated appearance of Whittlesey

REF: Newspaper report Friday February 18, “Bank Clashpoint”

As a long time resident of Whittlesey I was most surprised at the importance that Fenland District council had placed on the proposed additional lighting of the TSB bank and the coverage that this report received in your paper.

Possibly this same team of advisors that claimed that this particular modification was extremely unattractive may like to comment on the dilapidated appearance of buildings and land on the A605 approach road into Whittlesey.

The field next to the equestrian centre seems to be a tipping ground, the level crossing is a dumping ground for spares. The Hansen brick company land has broken fences, piles of mud used to block gates, scruffy woodlands, with roads, paths and lorry parking areas covered in red brick dust.

The old Oatsheaf pub closed some time ago continues to crumble into decay, the old Morley’s bus station park with its rusting pumps and old tyres is an alarming mess. The bus garage and offices further down the road are in a similar state of decay. Kirran’s old shop closed some time ago completes the line of eye sores that greet you to historic Whittlesey.

Any comments?


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