Ding dong merrily on high, Walsoken air is humming. Ding dong! Verily the sky, is riv’n with mystery ringing.

IT’S the kind of problem that would typically feature on the TV series Unsolved Mysteries – a man’s fight against the ‘Fenland Hum’.

Geoffrey Doubleday says that for several years he has been able to hear a hum in his bungalow – and he blames it on frequencies from a nearby phone mast.

But investigations at Mr Doubleday’s home in Walsoken have failed to pick up any abnormal frequencies.

Mr Doubleday, 80, of Broadend Road, said: “I am convinced there is a frequency from that mast. I never used to hear anything but since the mast was installed about five years ago I have been able to hear the hum.

“The only other thing nearby that could cause it is a power station, but I moved here 45 years ago and that was installed soon after. It was never a problem previously and when we have a power cut the hum continues.”

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West Norfolk Council has investigated the mast at Claybrooke Park, Broadend Road, on a number of occasions.

Councillor Brian Long, deputy leader of West Norfolk Council, said: “We have fully investigated this particular incident and we are absolutely confident that we have done everything we can to try and detect the problems.

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“But none of the council’s sound or monitoring equipment will detect it.

“It is very difficult to advise the gentleman as a result.”

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