Keep your eyes peeled for David’s dinosaur walking through town

David Abbott will be walking his dinosaur, which he imported from abroad, through the streets of March

David Abbott will be walking his dinosaur, which he imported from abroad, through the streets of March on Saturday, April 24 at around 2pm. - Credit: Supplied 

In a bid to cheer up March residents following easing of the coronavirus lockdown, a part-time cosplayer will be walking a dinosaur through the high street.  

David Abbott will be talking his dinosaur, he imported from abroad, through the Fenland town from around 2pm on Saturday, April 24.  

The 35-year-old operates the impressive costume from inside and will be walking through the town centre all the way to Deerfield Road from 2pm.  

Teresa, his mother, said: “It’s a real walking dinosaur, David gets in it and it makes all the noises, it’s even got a camera in it and everything else.  

“David goes to cosplay conventions and he’s going to start doing parties and things for charity, he’s just doing it to cheer people up in the town.”  

David, who has lived in March most of his life after moving from Peterborough, works in a garage during the week and does costume play (cosplay) part time.  

If you spot him walking down the street, send us your photos via email to: and we will feature them next week.  

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