Disappointed with the minister

I am bitterly disappointed in the Minister not having any interest in the Barton Road development after being asked to look at the decision by the planning committee to approve the development of this site.

The development was approved by Conservative councillors on the planning committee who are non-Ely residents and who have no concern or care for the future tourism of the city or for the impact it will have on the overall look to the area.

The impact while building these houses, will not only disturb the residents but will also have an impact on the traffic causing delays and safety issues to the nearby school.

It will also have a huge impact on the youth club causing safety issues for young people who use this facility. What will happen to Centre E? The important work and effort that has been put into this building and for the youth and future of our city is now under threat by the council as plans could continue forward to develop the whole of the area.

The Conservatives are totally disregarding the comments and objections from city council, the conservation officer and local residents which calls into question who are they serving?

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This is just a question of raising money, raising money for a Fitness centre which will be on the outskirts of the city, a Fitness centre that most people will drive to, causing congestion on the already busy A10.

I call on the district council to reconsider its plans and listen to the residents of Ely and withdrawn its plans to build. It is not too late to stop this but only you can do it.

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