DNA results help March man find his father... on ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show

A MAN from March discovered who his father was on national television this morning... after a DNA test on ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Danny Barnes, 28, appeared on the hit daytime show with his mother Trish on an episode titled: “I admit I lied to you for 25 years but today you’ll find out who your dad is!”

DNA test results revealed that a man called “Neil” - who was in prison at the time of Danny’s birth and so not named on the birth certificate - was actually his father.

The results followed a lively dispute between Trish, Neil and Danny, which, at one point, saw Trish flee the studio on crutches. Jeremy Kyle pursued her shouting “You can’t just walk out on your son again.”

The talk show host had earlier criticised Trish and Neil - quizzing the mother on whether she had ever “paid her son to babysit by giving him drugs”.

Danny bemoaned the fact that his mother had kept the identity of his real father from him, saying: “I’ve had three surnames already and now I’ve got another dad.”

Meanwhile, Neil remained calm as he waited to hear whether the DNA results would confirm him as a father-of-six rather than five.

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“I’m relaxed, I’m a Fen boy,” he told an irate Jeremy Kyle.

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