Do not bury your head in the sand over all the extra infrastructure needed because of immigration, councillor says

The letter from Peter Harvey (May 15) concerns me greatly. He must have his head in the sand and fails to see the blatantly obvious.

Official migration figures each year are over 250,000. This number is bigger than the population of Peterborough.

At present people share bedrooms, flats, houses etc, loft conversions to help fit more people into the same property.

Many of them want a vehicle, and many roads are not big enough for each car owner to park near their home.

This problem is collectively known as lack of “infrastructure”. This Government proposes to build affordable houses. Even if they do manage this, they do not have any plans for the rest of the problem, which is to build all the extra items needed for a new town every year the size of Peterborough.

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List all the building that a new city needs - a reservoir, sewage and collected waste disposal, churches, schools, shopping centres, police stations, hospitals, doctors surgery, a library, restaurants, roads, gas, electricity - the list is almost endless.

This is a nightmare situation. There is no way we can continue trying to put a quart into a pint pot.

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