Do they consider the impact?

Just what have the citizens of Ely and the surrounding area done to merit the shoddy treatment they have been shown lately by the powers that be?

The city has grown in leaps and bounds, with the further development of Ely North in the pipeline, yet the decision makers seem oblivious to the fact.

One wonders how much in-depth consideration is ever given these days to the long-term impact their actions might create, rather than just solutions for the here and now.

Recently we have had the farce of East Cambridgeshire District Council passing it’s own plans to build properties at Barton Road, despite people’s many valid and justifiable objections.

One wonders how a private developer would have fared with such a planning application. These plans do not even have the saving grace of making any provision for the many low earners and the homeless in the district.

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Also, despite what councillors say, parking will be affected. It is ironic that as recently as 2012, ECDC were proposing to introduce charges, because of the lack of parking spaces and the volume of cars entering the City.

These proposals were scrapped in 2013 following a public outcry, and a statement was issued saying the charges were more contentious than ever, and this was the wrong time to introduce such a scheme.

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If there were insufficient spaces then, the building of these properties will certainly not improve matters.

The latest, and even more serious matter, is the almost certain closure of the Minor Injuries Unit at the Princess of Wales (formerly RAF) hospital, which will result in a journey to Addenbrooke’s. This is further decimation of what was once a wonderful fully functioning hospital that served the Fens well. Whoever thinks this latest move is such a great idea should try being a worried parent travelling 18 miles with a fractious child.

Alternatively, try being a non-driver, with a mobility problem that prevents public transport from being any use whatsoever, and no close family to call on.

Addenbrooke’s staff are already stretched to the limit, without increasing their work load even more, not to mention the obscene parking charges, and the A10 traffic to contend with.

When may we expect to see an article in your newspaper featuring our local MP, Lucy Frazer, coming out fighting on behalf of her constituents to save this vital amenity, along with our district and city councillors?

It is high time the very real concerns of we, the electorate, are given the serious consideration they deserve.

PR exercises do not count. Much more forethought must be given to the far-reaching implications and repercussions that may arise, not just five or even 10 years down the line, before any final decisions are made. After all, any impact will be felt not just by us, but also future generations, long after those responsible have gone.



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