Do we need another fatal crash along Wimblington Road, March, before something is done to improve safety?

Chris Hill on the 60mph stretch of the Wimblington Road, March.

Chris Hill on the 60mph stretch of the Wimblington Road, March. - Credit: Archant

It was with great excitement that I watched the pavement improvements along the east side of Wimblington Road, March, develop last month.

However the excitement was short-lived as the project ground to a halt within yards of the point where traffic is still encouraged to travel at 60mph with the pavement right beside the carriageway.

This is the most dangerous section of the road and yet the pavement improvements have stopped.

More than two years on from the double fatality which followed a previous fatality 18 months earlier, nothing has changed.

Most of March experienced a complete change in street lighting, however the section of Wimblington Road from Knight’s End Road to Lamb’s Hill Drove remained hopelessly unchanged.

Beyond Lamb’s Hill Drove, where the fatal crashes occurred, there is no lighting at all.

The turnout at two meetings last year showed the genuine concerns of many residents from along the road, but with regard to the speed of traffic nothing has changed.

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This winter Peterborough City Council’s action along North Bank showed how easy it can be to make changes which, with regard to public safety, were long overdue.

Must we have yet another family disaster before the potential dangers along Wimblington Road are recognised?


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