Doberman’s owners fly post Fens with £2,000 reward offer after psychic tells them this is where he’ll be found

Missing Doberman with reward of £2000.

Missing Doberman with reward of £2000. - Credit: Archant

FLYERS offering a £2,000 reward to find a Doberman that went missing in Essex at Christmas two years ago have sprung up across Fenland after the owners consulted a psychic.

Tim and Irene Laing believe Bodie, now five, may be found in Fenland and so have launched a poster campaign offering a £2,000 reward.

“We both believe in the powers of psychics and have consulted them in the past to make contact with late family members,” said Tim, who lives with his wife in Mayland.

“We were prepared to do anything to find Bodie, we have never given up the search for him.

“The psychic was quite specific, and said we should centre our search on the triangle between Peterborough, Wisbech and March. That is why we have put posters up in Fenland.”

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Bodie is a neutered male; he is very tall and has been micro-chipped.

Tim thinks Bodie would still answer to his name.

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“He is a very special dog and he was very gentle when he was with us,” said Tim.

“It is the not knowing what happened to him that is the hardest to deal with. We have 10 acres, and he went missing from our premises.

“I heard some barking and a commotion but when I went out he was no where to be seen. We are offering a £2,000 reward for information leading to his return.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Tim and Irene on 077508 318901, or 07757 130975.

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