Doddington man tells of date with Big Brother’s Shabby

CAMBS Times and Wisbech Standard film critic Tim Lince has told of his one night “romance” with Big Brother’s lesbian squatter.

The ex-Cromwell Community College student says he went on a blind date with rebel girl Shabby from the hit Channel 4 TV show about 18 months ago.

Even though she reportedly confessed to being gay and advertising for men out of boredom, he said their first date was fun - but not before she had played a crude lesbian kiss-a-thon game in a nightclub.

He even kept a heartfelt diary to record what he describes as “our moment under our stars”.

Tim met the child actor and filmmaker on the Gumtree website. Even though she did not know him, she texted him saying: “There’s something I need to tell you.”

It is then that she met him in London and said ‘I have a girlfriend”.

Tim describes in his diary how Shabby came out when she was 14, having fancied a girl in her PE class, and tells how Shabby talked about being a member of the biggest music bands on the gay/lesbian scene.

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On a walk to a nightclub in Soho, Shabby also told Tim she was runner-up to Lindsay Lohan for the lead role in The Parent Trap when she was 12.

At that moment Tim, from Doddington, said: “She lent me a look of her gorgeous eyes and grabbed my hand.” They then kissed.

But when they got into a club, he got the shock of his life. He said: “There she was getting off with some other woman.

“I had to leave. I just felt the night was wasted. I felt like an idiot and knew the craziness of the night was now just a torrid memory.”

But just as he was about to leave the club, Shabby pulled him back and kissed him again before apologising. Shabby told him she was playing a game to kiss as many girls as possible in five minutes, but added: “I promise from now on I’m exclusively yours all night.”

Tim and Shabby then danced the rest of the night away in a club before parting at sunrise.

Tim, who works as an account executive for a TV company, described the evening out with Shabby as so “off the wall” he wrote the diary the following day.

(Photo copyright: Tim Lince)

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