Dog left with holes in its chest and needing emergency treatment after it is attacked in a Wisbech park

Tillery Field in Wisbech

Tillery Field in Wisbech - Credit: Archant

Dog walkers in Wisbech are being warned to be on their guard against a tan and white pit bull terrier type dog after it grabbed a pomeranian in its mouth and shook it leaving it needing emergency vet treatment.

Councillor Michael Hill said he heard the tiny dog yelping from his home overlooking Tillery Field park and ran over to help.

“I heard a dog screaming in pain and women shouting. Me and my wife ran over to chase the dog off.

“The owner was shaking in shock. It was terrible to see and hear.

“The attacking dog’s owner was walking it off a lead and walking another dog, a staffie looking puppy, on a lead.

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“He certainly didn’t rush to get the dog. He just walked over, pulled it off and left to go to Cannon Street without checking if anybody needed help.

“If a child had been walking the dog or if the dog had gone for a child they wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

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Cllr Hill rang police but was told it was a civil matter because it was a dog attack and nobody was injured.

However, later the woman found she had a bite mark on her leg, said Cllr Hill.

Neighbour Shayna Nixon called Paddons the vets who came out on an emergency call-out.

She said: “I was told the dog had holes in its chest. It was in a terrible way. I followed the man and videoed him as proof of where he lived. He didn’t seem to care that his dog had attacked another.”

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said that they were called at 8.05pm on Tuesday (4) with reports of a dog attacking a puppy in Kings Road, Wisbech.

They said: “It has been advised that this is a civil matter and that no criminal offence has taken place here.”

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