‘Dog poo vigilante’ vows clampdown on inconsiderate owners in village

The poster which appeared around Little Downham this week

The poster which appeared around Little Downham this week - Credit: Archant

A ‘dog poo vigilante’ has vowed to name and shame anyone caught allowing their dog to foul the pavements in Little Downham.

The mystery campaigner came to light this week after a series of posters were found tied to lampposts around the village threatening to publish pictures of any dog owner caught in the act.

Along with space to publish photos of offenders, the vigilante also threatened to throw the dog poo at them, while boasting that they had “a good aim”.

The poster read: “If I see you neglecting to pick up your dog poo, I’m going to throw it at you. I have a good aim. It will probably hit you in the mouth.

“Failing that, in time you will be captured and your picture will appear as follows.”

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Little Downham resident Mark Peters, managing director of Star Radio, said the signs had caused “much amusement” around the village, with many people trying to work out the identity of the mystery vigilante.

He added: “I love Little Downham and am proud of the appearance and friendly nature of the people that live here. I can see why someone would get annoyed enough to voice their frustration but am slightly concerned about any potential poo throwing action by the dog poo vigilante. We have put the idea of getting a family dog on hold at the moment through fear of attracting untoward surveillance!”

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District councillor for the village, Cllr Anna Bailey, said she hadn’t been made aware of the signs but understood that there had been a problem “on and off” with dog fouling in the village over the last couple of years.

She said: “It seems like someone is trying to name and shame an individual, and it very often is just an individual is these cases, who is letting it happen. It is something that can cause a lot of anger and is a problem seen in quite a few villages, I know in Stretham recently it kept coming up as an issue.”

In its latest newsletter, the Little Downham Conservation Group was moved to remind dog owners to pick up their mess after repeated incidents of fouling on grass verges and paths around the village.

Member Keith Norton reported: “Once again there do seem to be one or two dog owners who are oblivious to the fact that they should be picking up where their dog has been. We hate having to mow paths where dog mess has been left and it also applies to the pavements around the village. Please keep your eyes peeled and remind those who ‘forget’.”

Do you know the identity of the dog poo vigilante? What do you think of their actions? Contact reporter Dan Mansfield on 01353 645693.

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