Petition for dog walking space in West End Park in March

Woman calls for a dog walking area in West End Park in March.

Woman calls for a dog walking area in West End Park in March. - Credit: Archant

A dog lover has started a petition to have a special space fenced off in West End Park in March so people can exercise their pets off the lead.

Katie Thompson has set up the 38 Degrees petition.

She said: “I would like to see an enclosed dog space created at West End Park, in March. An area surrounded by a fence that can be used for training or exercising dogs off-lead.

“Why is this important? Many dog owners are unable to let their dogs off lead, a good example is my Labrador who is not yet great at recall. “An enclosed space would allow for more exercise without the worry of them running off, eating things they shouldn’t, getting injured/lost, as well as not bothering other park users such as fishermen or people who may have dog phobias.

“We have some great open spaces in the local area but few that provide this.”

Her petition so far has more than 60 signatures.

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