Don’t be scared off in Wisbech by people who claim you can’t park on public highway

LAST Thursday at about 10.30am my wife went into Wisbech and found all the car parks full. She drove around and found an area to park along Falcon Road opposite a bar.

As she locked her vehicle two men came out of the bar and told her it was private parking and she had to move. She said it was a public road and was not moving.

The men then told her they would push her car out of the way if she left it. She was taken back by this and said if it was their intention or not she would not be intimidated, but they carried on.

Two police officers then walked around the corner and my wife called them over and explained the situation. The police asked them why they were intimidating her and they said it was all a joke!

The officers said it was a public highway and legal to park. They also told the men to return to the bar where they wanted a word with them.

My wife said this had happened to her before at the same place.

I do not believe this is an isolated incident and people just drive off to avoid hassle, but please let your readers know that they can park along there and to report any intimidation tactics to the police.

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I would also like to thank the two officers for assisting my wife.


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