Don’t pull over to kerb to let motorcyclists pass - if they want to act like idiots, let them

PLEASE would you place this in your next issue. I am 76 years of age and would like to point out an accident that killed my daughter last year.

As you know it’s that time of year when the roads are full of motorcyclists and there are those who think the Highway Code was printed for others and not them.

You know the ones, they exceed the speed limit, cut in and out of cars and overtake on the inside. And the idiots think they look so good when they lift the front wheel off the ground when doing about 60mph.

You see them coming up behind you in your mirror and what do you do? You move over towards the kerb to let them pass, even when they are exceeding the speed limit.

I would like to point out to drivers that if you see a motorcyclist coming up behind you don’t pull over to the kerb, stay in line following the vehicle in front. If the motorcyclists want to whizz in and out of the traffic and act like complete idiots, let them.

My daughter moved over towards the kerb to let one of them pass and hit the kerb. This snatched the steering wheel from her hands, put the car into a spin and was hit by an oncoming vehicle. She was dead before the emergency services got there.


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