Double yellow lines to be introduced on Wisbech road despite police describing proposal as “unnecessary”

wisbech park

wisbech park - Credit: Archant

Double yellow lines will be extended along a busy Wisbech road despite an objection from the police.

In a bid to reduce congestion along Lynn Road, Cambridgeshire County Council will introduce a maximum three hour waiting restriction in the lay-bys next to Wisbech Park to prevent all day parking and improve access to the local businesses.

The council will also extend double yellow lines from the Lynn Road/A1101 roundabout to outside 18 Lynn Road.

But police, while in favour of the maximum three hour parking restriction, said extending the double yellow lines is an “unnecessary” proposal.

It will cause “unacceptable levels of vehicle displacement” on a road with no history of collisions, the police objection said.

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Traffic manager Richard Lumley, responding to the police objection, said the double yellow lines were needed to improve the safety of the road and residents had been consulted.

He said: “The council has records of minor incidents occurring slightly further East of the proposed restrictions, however the potential for danger can still exist and the order should be made to improve safety.

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“Parking and access to premises have been considered. There has been no objection throughout the consultation process from residents and the restrictions still allow for loading and unloading.

“The council estimates four vehicles will be displaced, and the premises likely to be affected still have parking available around the back.

“The area causes a bottleneck, so removing the parking will allow two lanes of traffic at a very busy roundabout.”

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