Doubts about Wimblington Road speed reduction

I have just read your article entitled speed campaign success relating to the speed of traffic along Wimblington Road.

You mention the deaths of Dominic Iliffe and James Keily but not Chris Delaway who was killed 18 months earlier less that 50 yards from the double fatality. Both of which occurred along the stretch of road completely unaffected by this ruling.

I have serious doubts whether this change in speed designation will have any impact on the speed of traffic along the road.

The action needed was to reduce the limit to 40mph from the Mill Hill roundabout thereby preventing traffic from speeding up unnecessarily for such a short distance before slowing down.

Leaving town, knowing that a section of 60mph is coming, traffic will continue to accelerate before it reaches the chicane.

The prospective Conservative councillors who in their manifesto, included a photograph of the stretch of road unaffected by this decision, should reflect upon their accuracy!

I had a correspondence with Derrick Crosbie at Huntingdon Police HQ who stated that whilst the police were not over-supportive of a decrease from 40 to 30mph in the already restricted section of Wimblington Road, they would be fully supportive of a reduction of the 60 to 40mph, but hadn’t been formally approached by the council.

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