Dramatic video of a Mercedez on the A11 that appears to be travelling at speeds of up to 120mph

Dash cam footage of a Mercedes allegedly speeding on the A11 near Attleborough.

Dash cam footage of a Mercedes allegedly speeding on the A11 near Attleborough. - Credit: Archant

A man has captured footage that appears to show a Mercedes travelling at up to 120mph on the A11 in Norfolk.

The driver, who recorded the images on a dash cam in his vehicle, said he called 999 on his hands-free phone when he was overtaken on the northbound carriageway at around 4.45pm yesterday.

The man, speaking anonymously, said he had analysed the footage when he got home to estimate the vehicle’s speed.

He estimated it was between 110mph and 120mph, based on GPS data and the time it took the car to travel the distance to the bridge in the video.

He said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous. So many people are getting killed on roads nowadays - I’ve lost people I know - and nothing is done about it.

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“It’s crazy, and I wish people would campaign to stop this.

“It’s so sad, and it’s needless.

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“I’ve got kids and family and I do 1,000 miles per week in my job.

“I want them to know I will get home safely.”

He added that drivers should think of the consequences if a vehicle pulled out in front of them while travelling at that speed.

Our sister paper, the EDP, has approached Norfolk police for comment, and passed them the video footage of the incident which was recorded near Attleborough.

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