Drink, drink, let the toast start: Marsh finally gets to serve his first pint at Georges

PUBLICAN Nigel Marsh toasted the re-opening of Georges but is still defying licensing officials over how the pub is run.

Fenland District Council raised objections to Mr Marsh turning his front car park into a beer garden but Mr Marsh insists he is within the law.

“Six months ago the council refused to accept it as a beer garden” he said. “I am now pleased to say this area will now officially be known as the ‘High Street Beer Garden’”.

His defiant stance will be tested on December 1 which is the final date for objections if the temporary licence issued late on Friday is to be made permanent. Mr Marsh had reclaimed the pub following a legal battle but had been unable to serve alcohol until being granted a licence.

“The police have been in and confirmed they have no problems with our customers consuming alcohol outside in the front beer garden,” said Mr Marsh.

In April Mr Marsh was forcibly removed from the pub by police after a spectacular falling out with his former associates Steve and Marion Smith who then went on to run the pub until earlier this month.

However following a court case which saw Mr Marsh cleared of assault he moved to remove the Smiths and take back the pub for which he claims to have approval of pub owners Wellington Pub Company.

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Until Friday Mr Marsh said that “in an effort to retain customers we had been giving drinks away until we obtained our licence to legally entitle us to sell alcohol.”

He added: “There is no feeling like winning a long, drawn out, unnecessary battle when you were in the right all along.”

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