Drink driver goes on rampage in cell at police station

A FRUSTRATED prisoner damaged items in a police cell because he had not been given the food and drink he demanded, and he wanted to phone his girlfriend.

“He was seen chewing and trying to rip a blanket,” Fenland magistrates were told by prosecutor Andrea Fawcett. “The mattress had its corner torn open.”

Deividas Taukela had given a breath test reading more than double the legal limit after being stopped by police on a Sunday morning.

Taukela, 23, of Hedgelands, Wisbech, admitted charges of causing criminal damage to a blanket and mattress belonging to Cambridge Constabulary on August 8, and driving with excess alcohol.

“He told police he damaged the property out of frustration, and did not think of the consequences,” added Ms Fawcett.

Mitigating, John Clarke said: “He was still inebriated at the time; he wanted some food and drink, and wanted to tell his girlfriends what had happened.”

The court banned Taukela from driving for 21 months and fined him �180, with �85 costs and a �15 surcharge; no separate penalty was imposed for causing the damage.

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