Drink sensibly at March Summer Festival or alcohol will be tipped away, warn police

Crowds enjoy the music and dance in West End at the March Summer Festival

Crowds enjoy the music and dance in West End at the March Summer Festival - Credit: Archant

POLICE warned people to drink sensibly at this weekend’s March Summer Festival with the news that they have the power to force rowdy drinkers to tip away their alcohol.

West End Park falls within an area in March town centre where people are not allowed to drink in public, but that order is usually waived for the festival.

However, this year Fenland District Council has chosen to keep the ban in place to give police to power to control unruly behaviour.

This means sensible drinking will be allowed, but police have the power to tip away the alcohol of disorderly people and ask them to move on.

Insp Robin Sissons said: “Fenland District Council has the licence for West End Park. Normally when an event takes place it activates its licence, which de-activates the DPPO (Designated Public Places Order).

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“On this occasion the council is not activating the licence so the DPPO will remain in place.”

A council spokesman said: “We have chosen not to activate our licence but it is at the police’s discretion how they choose to enforce the DPPO.

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“What we have done is give them the flexibility to confiscate alcohol when people are displaying anti-social behaviour.”

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