Drivers fined for jumping a red light at March level crossing

TWO drivers who jumped a red light at a March railway level crossing have been fined by magistrates.

Paul Christie, 35, of New Park, March, was spotted by a signal man as he ignored the light on the March South crossing in Creek Road just after 7am on June 2. He was fined �115.

Gary Fowler, 20, of High Road, Tholomas Drove, Wisbech St Mary, admitted he had gone past the same red light just after 7.30pm on May 28. Writing to the court, Fowler’s solicitor said his client had shown “slight impatience.” He passed the red light after the barrier had risen, and the train had gone. Fowler was fined �85.

Both men had three points endorsed on their driving licence, and were ordered to pay �35 costs and a �15 surcharge.

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