Driving instructor attacked in road rage incident

A DRIVING instructor was punched in the face during a road rage attack, after “a red mist” came over a motorist Karl Kelner.

The instructor had earlier accelerated to get past Kelner at a roundabout -- and when he stopped at traffic lights he was punched in the face and fell to the ground after being pulled from his car.

His vehicle keys were thrown away during the incident, and the assault left the instructor suffering from a cut lip and a black eye

Before the attack, the instructor had upset Kelner by accelerating past him at the Freedom Bridge roundabout in Wisbech, Fenland magistrates were told.

“There was a road traffic occurrence that caused my client to get upset,” the court heard from solicitor John Clarke.

At the roundabout, the instructor thought Kelner was in the wrong lane, and accelerated to move in front of him, so he could turn into Lynn Road, explained prosecutor Nicola Rice.

“The other car flashed its lights, sounded its horn and drove close behind him,” said Ms Rice. “When the instructor stopped at a red traffic light, Kelner got out of his car and went to the driver’s door.

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“He grabbed the keys and the victim tried to get them back. The defendant hit him in the face with a clenched fist. The aggrieved fell out of the car and on to the floor. Kelner threw the car keys down a side road.”

The instructor’s attacker drove away, but his victim had recorded his car registration number and alerted police.

“He had flashed his lights at the instructor to draw his attention to his bad driving,” said Mr Clarke. “He got out of his car to talk to the victim, but a red mist came over him and he could not control himself.

“He opened his victim’s car door and punched him once, and then grabbed the keys and threw them away.”

Kelner, 34, of St Michael’s Avenue, Wisbech, admitted assault. Sentencing was adjourned for three weeks, for the probation service to prepare a report.

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