Drug abuser assaulted policemen after they refused to let him see his dog

A DRUG abuser who was found in possession of cannabis and amphetamine in a Fenland town centre later attacked police officers because they refused to let him see his dog.

Kieran Rayner, 19, lashed out at two different policemen, pushing one and punching another in the face as they tried to search him, Fenland magistrates heard.

The teenager was first searched by officers in Chatteris High Street, at around 11pm on December 6, after an off-duty policeman reported that he may have a knife concealed in his sock.

Instead the officers found him in possession of 6.34g of cannabis and 0.72g of amphetamine.

After he was arrested, Rayner became aggressive, refusing to get in the police van and taking a swing at an officer, Andrea Fawcett, prosecuting, told the court.

The teenager continued to be obstructive at March police station, where a strip search was authorised. Two more bags containing herbal leaf forms of cannabis were found tied to his shorts.

Officers had faced a struggle to remove Rayner’s shorts after he refused to hand them over.

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“When the officer took them away from him the defendant took a step towards the Pc and with two hands pushed him to the chest,” Mrs Fawcett told the court.

Rayner was taken to hospital after admitting drinking alcohol while also using amphetamine - but he was refused treatment due to his abusive manner.

On his return to the police station at around 2:30am he refused to remove his shoes, declaring he would only do so if he could see his pet dog.

As officers scrabbled to remove his footwear, Rayner was able to free a hand, which he used to punch one policeman to the left side of his face.

Rayner, of The Elms, Hindringham, Fakenham, admitted two charges of assaulting a police officer and two charges of possessing a Class B drug.

The teenager had been unable to remember the assaults as he was drunk, said John Clarke, mitigating.

Adjourning the case for sentencing on January 19, presiding magistrate Mr Alan Jones said: “You were failing to co-operate with the police for the best part of three hours and you have assaulted two Pcs in that time. It’s certainly nothing to be proud of.”

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