Drunken dad assaultshis partner during a row over who was cooking the dinner

AN alcoholic dad who assaulted his partner during a row over who was cooking the dinner, has been jailed for 24 weeks.

Neilais Dohov had drunk three litres of cider and three or four cans of strong lager before he hit his partner on the head.

Dohov later told police he did not think it was wrong to assault her -- saying it was “sometimes necessary.”

During the incident, Dohov’s partner had locked herself and their child in the bathroom, and called the police from her mobile phone.

Appearing before Fenland magistrates, 35-year-old Dohov, formerly of Wisbech but now living in Hillington Square, King’s Lynn, had admitted assault, it was his second assault on the same victim. He also admitted breaching a 100-hour unpaid work order, and failing to attend Wisbech courthouse on July 16.

During the row at the couple’s Wisbech home on July 14, Dohov had attempted to throw a chair, and had broken a window, said prosecutor Andrea Fawcett.

“This is a classic situation that all boils down to drink,” said John Clarke, mitigating. He asked the magistrates not to jail Dohov, but to give him an alcohol treatment order.

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Unmoved, presiding magistrate Alan Jones said: “Custody is inevitable.” He told Dohov: “You are a repeat offender and no stranger to domestic violence on the same victim. We hope you will take advantage of alcohol treatment in prison and will be released sober.”

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