Dying Manea dad launches Gofundme page to help family after he has gone

Trevor Thomas from Manea who has terminal cancer

Trevor Thomas from Manea who has terminal cancer - Credit: Archant

With just weeks to live a Manea father is desperate to leave his wife and daughter financially secure and has launched a campaign on Gofundme to help.

Fifty-eight-year-old Trevor Thomas was told he had pancreatic cancer in September last year after two years of fighting to get a diagnosis.

The former driving school owner has no life insurance or critical illness cover and fears his wife of 20 years and their teenage daughter could loose the family home after his death.

Mr Thomas was told he had between six and nine months to live in September and fears it is now only a matter of weeks before the disease claims his life.

“I had this dreadful premonition more than two years ago that something dreadful was going to happen. I knew I was seriously ill when I started feeling really unwell. I went to the doctors’ and told them I had cancer,” said Mr Thomas, whose symptoms included bleeding from his anus, feeling sick and excessive fatigue.

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“I didn’t know what sort of cancer I had, but I just knew I had it,” said Mr Thomas, who was sent for a colonoscopy to see where the blood was coming from.

“I went for the colonoscopy but when the doctor tried to administer the tube and camera it was impossible. I was in so much pain, shouting out, the doctor had to stop. I explained I had very serious piles and the tube was causing excruciating pain and asked for pain relief.

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“But the doctor stopped the procedure and recommended that next time I be given some pain relief,” said Mr Thomas, but he claims on every single occasion - about five in total - he was not given painkillers and the procedure had to be abandoned.

He believes this delayed his diagnosis and he is currently fighting an insurance claim to try to get compensation and is being supported in this by Ken Rustidge, the Labour Parliamentary candidate for North East Cambs.

Diagnosis eventually came when he was rushed to hospital after bleeding excessively. He was given five blood transfusions because his blood count was so low.

As a result he was referred for further tests including CT and MRI scans and that’s when the cancer was finally diagnosed.

“I had never heard of the pancreas let alone pancreatic cancer, I didn’t know anything about it. Even though I knew in my heart I had cancer and that it was bad, it was still a huge shock to be told I was terminally ill and had just months to live. Now I’ve got just weeks. I don’t want to appear greedy but I want to raise some money for my wife and daughter for when I’m gone,” said Mr Thomas.

He has set up a Gofundme page where people can donate as little as £1 and he is offering a free draw for every £100 raised with bars of silver worth £25 each up for grabs - two for each £100 raised.

“Every £1 donated will get a free entry into the draw once the limit has been reached, so if someone donates £5 they will have five chances of winning and so on. If someone donates £100 they will receive two bars automatically. Each bar is handmade by myself using silver coins melted down, each one is stamped and comes with a certificate of authentication. I didn’t want to just ask for money without giving something back,” concluded Mr Thomas.

Mr Rustidge added: “Trevor’s story is very moving, and impact on his family is shattering. Everyone must look at stories like this and learn. Organisations need to look at themselves and change. This should be the legacy of such tragedies.”

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