East Anglian charity receives funding to bring a brighter future for young victims of domestic violence

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Ormiston Families, a leading charity for children and young people in the East of England, has been awarded £9,900 from the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

The cash is to deliver three ‘Cope and Recover’ programmes aimed at supporting children who have experienced domestic violence.

The charity will deliver the 12 week programmes in Cambridge, Huntingdon and Peterborough and will support both mothers and children aged 9-11 years with a twin-track approach focusing on early intervention and prevention.

The ‘Cope and Recover’ programmes will give particular focus to children to help them recover from the experience of domestic violence and will provide a catalyst to lead more positive lives. Qualified facilitators will help those enrolled to understand their feelings; address thoughts around blame and responsibility; understand the roots of domestic violence and make plans to stay safe, whilst increasing confidence and self-esteem.

There will also be support to help break the secrecy around abuse and identify who to talk to.

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Marc James, service manager, at Ormiston Families said: “This funding will make a real difference to children and young people affected by domestic violence across Cambridgeshire. It will enable us to help young people to have positive futures by reducing anxiety or depression, increasing feelings of self-worth, and improving mental health and self-esteem.”

Sir Graham Bright added: “People who experience domestic violence can be left with deep mental scars which can take years to overcome. Locally-based charities such as Ormiston Families are best placed to understand and address this very real need so that victims can look forward to brighter futures.”

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Ormiston Families provides services to support children and young people from disadvantaged communities who face the very real dangers of social exclusion. For more information about the charity visit www.ormiston.org

For more details about the Cope and Recover programmes or to request a referral form, email: positive.pathways@ormiston.org

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