Charity that supports people with learning disabilities recruiting staff

Eddie's superheroes pictured out and about

Eddie's superheroes pictured out and about - Credit: THE EDMUND TRUST

A charity that has been supporting people with learning disabilities in the east of England for 70 years is recruiting staff so they can continue to provide much-needed services.

The Edmund Trust, which is based in Cambridge, aims to help those requiring support who have a learning disability, autism or brain injury.

They would like to hear from you if you feel you could offer support, be it two hours a week on a leisure activity, or providing support across 24 hours for people to live in their own homes.

Some of the Eddie's superheroes pictured enjoying a meal out

Some of the Eddie's superheroes pictured enjoying a meal out - Credit: THE EDMUND TRUST

You will be able to make a real difference to people who may not have any other support, or have been referred by the local authority.

Maybe the trust has been recommended to them by other families who have previously experienced the wonderful work they do.

Head of operations Lisa Yearn says the Edmund Trust’s work is guided by their values of positive interaction, collaboration and commitment.

“Everything we do revolves around positive support. We work in partnership with others, and we do what we say we’re going to do, because we genuinely believe in it.”

Some of the Eddie's superheroes are pictured out and about 

Some of the Eddie's superheroes are pictured out and about - Credit: THE EDMUND TRUST

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A shortage of care staff nationally has filtered down to charities, and the Edmund Trust would be able to significantly reduce their waiting list and help those on it, if only they could recruit more staff.

“At the moment we really want to help people, but are unable to do so as we do not have enough staff. So we are looking to employ more.

“We have a rigorous recruitment process, and offer training, induction and a probationary period.

“If you’re kind, caring, fun to be around and up for doing things, and open to new opportunities, there is definitely a role for you here.

One of Eddie's superheroes pictured out shopping

One of Eddie's superheroes pictured enjoying a spot of shopping - Credit: THE EDMUND TRUST

"Working at the trust means you give a great deal but also get heaps back, as it’s so rewarding and the people we support are so incredibly amazing,” added Lisa.

They support people to live the life of their choosing - doing all sorts of activities, from helping someone manage their home, to joining the local gym, going to a football match, finding employment days or going for a coffee.

Every day is different. Some staff who have become involved with the charity have even become professional carers - even though their previous jobs were unrelated. They are some of our most successful support workers.

For example, they have staff who may be working for part of the week and have some time to spare, or their children may have left home and they wanted to give something back.

There are many opportunities and most importantly, it is so much fun.