Pupils get unofficial thumbs up to be late after Euro 2020 final

Gareth Southgate England manager

Thanks to the success of England manager Gareth Southgate and his English squad, pupils across Cambridgeshire can be late for school on Monday. And heads have been asked to turn - just for once - a blind eye. - Credit: PA

School heads across Cambridgeshire have been advised to go easy on any students arriving late on Monday after the Euro 2020 final.  

The county council has no official policy on whether children can miss getting there on time after staying up to watch the England v Italy fine.  

In a carefully worded response today, a council spokesperson confirmed that this one-off late attendance prospect “is a decision for individual schools”. 

However, the spokesperson added that they are advising school heads “not to take any action if pupils arrive late on Monday morning”. 

The one-off turning of heads to attendance follows a statement earlier in the week to remind parents and carers that fines have been re-introduced.  

They will apply for unauthorised absences including pupils skipping school for family holidays in term time.   

And parents and carers were also warned that any children arriving at school once the attendance register is closed will be deemed as absent.  

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Education director Jonathan Lewis said it was important for everyone not to be late for registration.   

“Missing 10 minutes a day over the year equates to 6.3 days education being lost,” he said.  

His get-tough message comes in the wake of a moratorium on fines during the Covid-19 pandemic.   

 But then there is the Euro 2020 final.  

And for that a blind eye can, and will, be turned.

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