Let's show we care behind 'agent of change' initiative

Neale Wade 'agent of change' initiative 

Neale Wade 'agent of change' initiative - Credit: Neale Wade

Twenty-eight Year 10 students at Neale-Wade Academy became ‘agent of change’ to help raise aspirations across the school and champion the March town community. 

Paul Fowler, Head of Humanities at Neale-Wade Academy identified the Year 10 students to lead on the initiative, with the aim of changing the perception of young people within the March area. 

As ‘agents of change’ students were tasked with challenging and contradicting the view that young people do not have the drive and ambition to transform their local community for the better. 

This initiative is part of the Local to Global project - a community-based research project encouraging young people to showcase stories of diversity within their communities.  

Funded by the charitable foundation, Clarion Futures, this was the first time the organisation has supported a full day of classroom-based activities held at a school. 

As part of the action-packed day, Dr Rob Power, Founder of Powerful Histories, was welcomed to Neale-Wade Academy to facilitate a series of workshops that provided guidance and support for students.  

This enabled the Agents of Change to pull together research reports looking at the influences of people, places and opportunities within the March community. 

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Other guest speakers included Decarbonisation and Energy Solutions Manager, Alice Monty, Neighbourhood investment Officer and Internal Communications Executive, Abdul Habib and Employment and Training Manager, Sean McGinn who spoke to students about the exciting opportunities within March. 

Students also examined police reports and national news coverage which painted a negative view of Fenland life – and discovered that these reports hide the community groups and prospects that are thriving in the local area. 

Graham Horn, Principal at Neale-Wade Academy, said: “We are so proud that Neale-Wade Academy was chosen to be a part of such an important project that aims to promote the history, narrative, and culture of March. 

“At Neale-Wade Academy, we encourage our students to be actively involved and at the heart of their local communities so that they can grow to become educated and employable citizens.” 

The research findings from the project will be showcased in a short video promotion, for those who wish to buy a home in the area, move or relocate to March from a crowded city such as London.