End of term surprise for lorry-mad student

Dean Hill from Knowles pictured with Simon

Dean Hill (left), a driver trainer for Knowles, pictured with Simon, a lorry-mad Thomas Clarkson Academy student. - Credit: Ian Burt Photography

A transport firm arranged the ultimate end-of-term treat for a lorry-mad student – a visit and tour of a new £170,000 lorry and trailer.

Knowles – which has bases in Wisbech and March – first came across Wisbech student Simon at a careers event at Thomas Clarkson Academy.

Staff at the firm were so impressed with the youngster’s knowledge of lorries they arranged for one of the largest and newest members of its fleet to visit the school.

Knowles transport lorry at Thomas Clarkson Academy

Knowles arranged for a £170,000 lorry from its fleet to surprise a lorry-mad Wisbech student and his friends at school. - Credit: Ian Burt Photography

Dean Hill, a driver trainer for Knowles, allowed Simon and his fellow school mates to take a closer look at the vehicle and offered a guided tour of the cab.

And, of course, everyone was treated to a blast of the horn.

For Simon, a keen lorry enthusiast, the experience was a dream come true.

His knowledge of HGVs and the Volvo rig was so vast there wasn’t much more Dean could tell him about the vehicle in front of them.

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For example, the academy student knew how to identify the exact Volvo model.

The youngster said: “It’s the colour of the grill. The new ones are orange.”

During the visit, Simon was also presented with a special collectors’ edition model lorry.

Knowles driver trainer Dean Hill with TCA student Simon

Dean Hill (left), a driver trainer for Knowles, presents student Simon with a special collectors' edition model lorry. - Credit: Ian Burt Photography

Richard Scott, Principal of Thomas Clarkson Academy, said it had been an amazing experience for all the students involved.

He also thanked the Knowles’ team for returning to the school with the HGV.

Dean said: “We were delighted to help and it was great to see the children having such a good time.”

Simon and his friends are part of the academy’s special education Cooper Centre.